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Bitcher than you,bitch.
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dahil kapag nagmahal ka, natural lang na masasaktan ka.

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We’re young.

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We’re dumb and stupid. We make mistakes without even noticing them until it’s too late but that’s the fun things about being young. We make these mistakes and we learn from them. It’s all trial and error. This mistakes eventually helps us to become a better person in the future. Just let us be, we’ll learn eventually.

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pano ko malalaman na hindi na nya ako mahal?

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ako na ang nasaktan, ako pa ang masama.

SERIOUSLY?! (kill me now!)

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reason why i love her character. Hahaha

what’s up everyone!

so pupunta dito yung magaling kong boyfriend/ex boyfriend (undecided), dito sa dorm. pinapunta ko sya. we really really need to talk. ayoko sya mawala, pero parehas na kamingh miserable :(

kausapin nyo ako.

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